Chapter 01: What!? I was reincarnated as an NPC?!

Pea's Kingdom

(ED note: changed the Me’s to the names of the person speaking from this point on)

First part

“Mmm… Where am I? …”

Why was I asleep? I remember I was on my way to school. How’d I wind up in bed?

“An accident?” (Shura)

I think it’s that. When I arrived in school, I was involved in another accident… Hahaha… I am in the infirmary now, right?

Well, I must get out of bed and go to my classroom before class starts. If I’m late again, I may not pass this year due to my low attendance …


Did the infirmary used to be so… rustic?

I was in a room made of wood. It contrasted with the infirmary I was so familiar with… Last time I was here that table and chair weren’t there yet. Did they redecorate the room while I was away? But first…


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