I became an editor…

Ugh… I somehow became an editor of a web-novel by Little big pea…

The story is called “Second Chance” it’s about a guy with the worst luck ever that is reincarnated into a NPC of a game of the same name… worst/best of all he turned into a loli farm girl with -100 luck and attracts unique monsters like they mob monsters.

I edited until chapter 2 so that story might flow a little better, Little big pea will release chapter 13 a bit later if he likes the changes I made to it.
for those interested you can find it here.


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gives manga and novel recommendations on a whim... mainly posts random stuff.
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3 Responses to I became an editor…

  1. kreyto says:

    O.o that premise has so much hentai potential lol. I’ll read it.


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