Prologue: Me, the one who was blessed with bad luck

Pea's Kingdom

For as long as I can remember, luck has never been on my side.

My family told me that when I was born the nurse drop me. Unfortunate no?

But it didn’t stop there…

When I turned two, my baby-sitter was nearly struck by thunder. She left right away.

At five, a wolf pack followed me to school!

At ten, my father was fired when I came to his firm!!

Unfortunate right!? My whole life was just a succession of misfortune and bad luck!

What have I done in my previous life to be this unfortunate?

Did I kill a good king?! Did I rape a saint?! Or was I a demon king?!…

I’m tired of this life…

And worst of all?

The worst happened on my seventeenth birthday. Who would have thought that, on that day, I’d be hit with my biggest misfortune yet?

That’s right, a school bus hit me right in the face!…

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One Response to Prologue: Me, the one who was blessed with bad luck

  1. kreyto says:

    Lolol he thought it was a School bus, but it was me TRUK-SAN! Time for reincarnation!

    Liked by 1 person

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