Chapter 03: Why am I treated as monster bait!?

Pea's Kingdom

First part

One month had already passed since that day. I worked pretty hard to reach it and finally my efforts has paid off! Yes, I reached level 3 with my Sword mastery yesterday, so let’s buy a sword to celebrate!

I was really happy because now I can level up and rapidly raised my skills! Huh? Why didn’t I just continue to train with the tree?

You fool! When training with a weapon, the best way to improve was always to train in a real battle!

“Sorry, I can’t let you buy a sword.” (Rubert)

“B-but I have the money to buy it…” (Shura)

“I know. I see you working hard to obtain this money but… I just can’t.” (Rubert)

*Sniff* *Looking at father with pitiful puppy eyes*

“S-stop with those puppy eyes! I say I can’t! … No, don’t cry! Argh! Ok ok! I will sell you a sword

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