Chapter 05: The promise, the goal and hell training?

Pea's Kingdom

First part

After 03 weeks, my plan finally paid out! I’ve reached level 5! Yahoo!!! I’m such an amazing schemer.

So today, I came to Rubert about our promise, but…

“You! You dare sell a sword to our daughter?!” (Agatha)

“B-but honey…” (Rubert)

“Stop with your bullshit! You are really a fool!” (Agatha)

“And you! Don’t act like it was nothing to do with you!!” (Agatha)


My accomplice and I were screwed. It seems that Agatha found out about our deal…

“Shura, I know that you want to travel around the world… But you are just a little girl! If you are crippled or killed by a monster, how could I face it?! I-I… *Cry!*” (Agatha)

Suddenly, Agatha began to cry in front of me… She looks at me with her eyes… *Badump*

Why did my heart ache when I look at her? …

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