T-this is depressing….

I’m seriously depressed right now… I can’t believe another manga can make me question my whole way of life other than…

“It’s Not My Fault That I’m Not Popular!”

but after reading this other manga… I don’t know anymore… maybe I’ll eat some some ice cream or something to get out of this slump. for those interested it’s called “Naze Toudouin Seiya 16-sai wa Kanojo ga Dekinai noka?”

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Chapter 05: The promise, the goal and hell training?

Pea's Kingdom

First part

After 03 weeks, my plan finally paid out! I’ve reached level 5! Yahoo!!! I’m such an amazing schemer.

So today, I came to Rubert about our promise, but…

“You! You dare sell a sword to our daughter?!” (Agatha)

“B-but honey…” (Rubert)

“Stop with your bullshit! You are really a fool!” (Agatha)

“And you! Don’t act like it was nothing to do with you!!” (Agatha)


My accomplice and I were screwed. It seems that Agatha found out about our deal…

“Shura, I know that you want to travel around the world… But you are just a little girl! If you are crippled or killed by a monster, how could I face it?! I-I… *Cry!*” (Agatha)

Suddenly, Agatha began to cry in front of me… She looks at me with her eyes… *Badump*

Why did my heart ache when I look at her? …

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I wonder why?

I don’t know why I’m so attracted to this kind of twisted scenario’s but once I got started I just can’t stop even thought it gives this really terrible feeling, I hate it and love it at the same time.

Basically it’s a story about a group of people and their one-sided for love each other(s). For those interested click on the pic.

Kuzu no Honkai

Scum’s Desire

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Chapter 04: Kawaki’s debut!

Pea's Kingdom

First part

Shura’s POV

Today, I face a difficult problem. In front of me, there’s a tall boy with blond hair and an elf girl with light-green hair.

“So you brought her here?” (Shura)

“Yes and we would like to take your quest.” (Blond boy)

“You know that my quest is hard. It will be really difficult for a level 1 mage.” (Me)

“I know.” (Blond boy)


I had a serious discussion with a player. He was one of the beginners I’ve helped few days ago. It seems that he joined the Beginner Guild after that.

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Chapter 03: Why am I treated as monster bait!?

Pea's Kingdom

First part

One month had already passed since that day. I worked pretty hard to reach it and finally my efforts has paid off! Yes, I reached level 3 with my Sword mastery yesterday, so let’s buy a sword to celebrate!

I was really happy because now I can level up and rapidly raised my skills! Huh? Why didn’t I just continue to train with the tree?

You fool! When training with a weapon, the best way to improve was always to train in a real battle!

“Sorry, I can’t let you buy a sword.” (Rubert)

“B-but I have the money to buy it…” (Shura)

“I know. I see you working hard to obtain this money but… I just can’t.” (Rubert)

*Sniff* *Looking at father with pitiful puppy eyes*

“S-stop with those puppy eyes! I say I can’t! … No, don’t cry! Argh! Ok ok! I will sell you a sword

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Chapter 02: Everyday life of a farm girl~

Pea's Kingdom

(ED note: changed Green Hand to Green Thumb)

First part

“Thank you Shura. My wife likes the eggs you provide us.” (Man)

“It’s nothing Mister.” (Shura)

In a certain village, a girl with hazel hair had a casual discussion with the villagers. Every morning, the same scene occurs in the quiet village.

“Now I have to practice my sword skill.” (Shura)

This lovely girl was actually me. The ‘lucky guy’ who was reincarnated as an NPC.

Like hell! Who was that lucky guy?!

I was crushed by a school bus (or a tree, I’m not sure) and died! Then some powerful being even refused me the afterlife!! They sent me here, inside a game!! And, if you wonder who was that powerful being, it’s was Misfortune… Sigh.

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Chapter 01: What!? I was reincarnated as an NPC?!

Pea's Kingdom

(ED note: changed the Me’s to the names of the person speaking from this point on)

First part

“Mmm… Where am I? …”

Why was I asleep? I remember I was on my way to school. How’d I wind up in bed?

“An accident?” (Shura)

I think it’s that. When I arrived in school, I was involved in another accident… Hahaha… I am in the infirmary now, right?

Well, I must get out of bed and go to my classroom before class starts. If I’m late again, I may not pass this year due to my low attendance …


Did the infirmary used to be so… rustic?

I was in a room made of wood. It contrasted with the infirmary I was so familiar with… Last time I was here that table and chair weren’t there yet. Did they redecorate the room while I was away? But first…


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Prologue: Me, the one who was blessed with bad luck

Pea's Kingdom

For as long as I can remember, luck has never been on my side.

My family told me that when I was born the nurse drop me. Unfortunate no?

But it didn’t stop there…

When I turned two, my baby-sitter was nearly struck by thunder. She left right away.

At five, a wolf pack followed me to school!

At ten, my father was fired when I came to his firm!!

Unfortunate right!? My whole life was just a succession of misfortune and bad luck!

What have I done in my previous life to be this unfortunate?

Did I kill a good king?! Did I rape a saint?! Or was I a demon king?!…

I’m tired of this life…

And worst of all?

The worst happened on my seventeenth birthday. Who would have thought that, on that day, I’d be hit with my biggest misfortune yet?

That’s right, a school bus hit me right in the face!…

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I became an editor…

Ugh… I somehow became an editor of a web-novel by Little big pea…

The story is called “Second Chance” it’s about a guy with the worst luck ever that is reincarnated into a NPC of a game of the same name… worst/best of all he turned into a loli farm girl with -100 luck and attracts unique monsters like they mob monsters.

I edited until chapter 2 so that story might flow a little better, Little big pea will release chapter 13 a bit later if he likes the changes I made to it.
for those interested you can find it here.

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This really stings…

So here I was downloading the first episode of some of the anime’s this season and here I am after watching some of it… one piqued my interest and made search for the manga. This story just pierced me right trough the heart I mean this is just that good at catching my attention cause well, the big guy really reminds me of my life… we… basically gone through the same situation only the best friend is my cousin.

Not the greatest cover out there but it is one of the funniest.

*warning* *the following may cause diabetes* *warning*

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